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Our country's infrastructure is in decline

We need to take better care of the systems that take care of us. But the lack of public interest and siloed industry conversations impede progress. StateOf addresses these obstacles by illuminating both the social and strategic importance of infrastructure.



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Infrastructure innovation starts with people, not tech

Despite the financial constraints preventing digital transformation in infrastructure, there are people and workforce centric changes that government agencies and utilities can implement to accelerate change. 

Martin Wachs on the state of American transportation

It’s hard to make the argument that America's infrastructure is in decline. Conditions are staying roughly about the same. In fact, some are improving slightly over the last two or three iterations of the report.

Welcome to StateOf, exploring and humanizing infrastructure

Infrastructure. We rarely think about what that word means. Yet, our lives are built on it and our world is shaped by it. Unfortunately, the word usually only crops up during election cycles or in the aftermath of a disaster.